Burning of the Socks – Postponed

21st March 2021 6:00 pm

Postponed — no new date set yet

The South Carolina Maritime Museum invites you to usher in the coming of spring and the arrival of boating season during the annual Burning of the Socks event in mid-March. In addition to the sock-burning festivities, where attendees take turns throwing their socks into a bonfire, there is musical entertainment and a pig roast.

Capt. Bob Turner, who now lives in Pawleys Island and is active in the Georgetown community, began the Burning of the Socks tradition began in the mid-1980s at a boatyard in Annapolis, Maryland. One year, on the first day of spring, Turner and his friends ceremoniously removed their socks, placed them on a paint tray, doused them with lighter fluid, set them on fire and then drank a beer to celebrate! Thus, began the spring tradition of sock burning to celebrate spring, and today there are sock-burning events in coastal communities across the country.

Turner and his family attend the annual event in Georgetown, and he usually reads his “Burning Socks for the Equinox” poem. All proceeds benefit the South Carolina Maritime Museum, which is celebrating its grand reopening after damage from Hurricane Dorian in September.

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