Winyah Bay Heritage Festival

Every other year in April

Celebrating history, recreation, conservation and natural beauty, the Winyah Bay Heritage Festival is held annually at the Carroll Ashmore Campbell Marine Complex in Georgetown. The festival, which benefits the Georgetown County Historical Society and Museum, coincides with the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament. That makes it a perfect combination for anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Winyah Bay comprises the geographic region now known as Georgetown. From the first inhabitants, the Indians, hunting and fishing has always been a way of life. In 1526, Spaniards made the first recorded North American expedition to Winyah Bay, and the indigenous fauna of waterfowl, turkey, deer, fish and shellfish provided the basics to survive.

The festival includes dozens of vendors and information booths, events like the South Carolina State Duck Calling Competition, magic shows, archery practice and demonstrations including gun dogs, sheep and duck herding, and duck calling.



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